Whitelabel Collaborate Email is still from Answerly

Hi there, first of all congratulations on Answerly. It is really fun to work with an easy to use. But I’m struggeling finding how to make the collaborate email invite, send from my email account instead of Answerly…

  1. I have the whitelabel plan
  2. Set up the SMTP - connection tested
  3. Go to workspace manager to activate Admin workspace
  4. Then go to collaborate
  5. Fill out email
  6. Choose workspace.

Result is still the answerly email… Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

I tried to activate Allow collaboration under Whitelabel (This option allows your clients to invite their own team members via our collaboration feature.) but that doesn’t help either.

Thank you for your helpl

Hi BeeBeeDee

in order to send an email using your smtp you must be send this from your whitelable dashboard and not from answerly domain dashbord.

  1. log into your whitelabel dashboard you created using your sub domain.
  2. make sure you log with your admin credential
  3. send the invitation email from there

Hi Simon, thank your for that. I got it now it is the domain I put in under CNAME.

I have another question regarding the SSL certificate. Are you providing this or should I provide this? I am using a subdomain and this one is not yet SSL certified. But the moment I do so, it refuses because the IP addresses do not match. I’m not so knowledgable with this so any help is welcome.

Thank you!

Hi BeeBeeDee

I have just passed your request to our developer, who will look at the SSL issue.