Whitelabel - CSS Option to customize appearance

Can you incorporate a Whitelabel - CSS customization option for users to personalize the appearance of the platform? This would be amazing!

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At least change some colors here and there would be great :slight_smile:


I see there’s a CSS section in Answerly what is it related to?

No, this feature is not availble yet - this would be a feature to customize the complete Dashboards and menus, sidebar with CSS for Whitelabel Users. How the dashboard & software looks for whitelabel clients.

Very happy to add this. I’m concerned however that we will not be able to guarantee future updates will not break your CSS.

Is that something you’re OK with?


Absolutely! If future updates break the design, we Whitelabel users need to react and re-customize the CSS. No Problem. This feature would be amazing! Let us know when it’s planned and live. :heart_eyes:

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Yeah that’s good but as we all know it comes with risk, So first concentrate on getting this White labelling issue sorted!

What WhiteLabel issue do you mean?

Connecting custom domain! Have you done yours then?

I just finished setting up a custom domain. No issues at all.