Whitelabel domain problem

I have tried to create whitelabel domain but everytime have error:
“ErrorCould not add custom domain. Please check if it’s a valid domain or reach out to support for help.”

Wrote to support and here but no answer…
Could you please tell me where to write in order get reply

Thank you in advance.

Hi, let me ping @Fatos about this. I know there are some hosting services that make it difficult to verify the domain.

my domain is on namecheap

i need your help. was trying to reach support for last 3 weeks…

I’ve got the same issue. nslookup returns the correct cname, but in the answerly cpanel it won’t save it

Hello @baitemiroff and @splitjim

Sorry for the late replies as it’s the end of the year.

Could you please send me or write your domain names here so that I can try to add manually?

Thanks, i dm’d you (no rush!)

Thank you for your reply. I sent DM :grinning:

Same issue here I’m afraid. Please clarify the next steps.


Hi, I’m having the same issue with the Whitelabel where everything is correct but it’s not working. I use Ionos. Can you help?

i will be happy to recieve any answer in near future…

Hi, can you send me via private message the url?

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Thank you for reply! I send DM

Hi please send me the url via private message

Hi Fatos! i dont what to be toxic, but its been a while since i first wrote to support team. What i need to recieve resonable answer? Hope for understanding

Hi Baitemiroff check your private messages.

same issue same problem…

Same, I’m waiting 23 days for a reply. I appreciate this forum is a way to cut support costs but then it seems like replying to PMs within a few days is a minimum?
Tbh this extended delay is the main worry about this project. I got the whitelabeled plan but I’m not comfortable making my own customers wait more than a day for support.