Whitelabel limit bot creation?

raising this again as I didnt get an answer -

when I invite a user or customer - it seems like the only 2 ways are:

  1. send link to a bot that is ready and working
  2. send collab invite to workspace. then he gets unlimited everything -
    can creat unlimited chatbots, agents, etc?
    am i missing something? it is not limited to 1 chatbot!

please advise


Hi Sam, yes, we are working on creating restrictions for users on the whitelabel dashboard. We will be working on this after releasing the most critical update in January, which involves collecting lead information.

This is super important to be done, i did not know this even though Sam brought this up earlier. If this is the case, this must be fixed. Like IMMEDIATELY. Is facepop the same? AM planning on selling both soon.

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