Whitelabel Login and Signup Branding

We just finished setting up our White Label account. We found a slight issue though. When user login or sign up using their gmail account, Answerly.io branding is still showing. This should be our Brand name right? How can we set this up?

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Any update on this?

Yes, we are working on this. We are considering disabling the Google login on your whitelabel dashboard with an option on/off from the adming dashboard, allowing your customers to log in only with their username and password while we address the Google login reference to Answerly.

Yes, I sugest removing the option to sign in or sign up from Google.

That will work for now. Let us know once it’s disabled so we can launch our White Label.

Hi @Simone I understand that the team is already working on this. Any update yet? Thanks,

2nd this…

Update: we just enabled an option to disable the Google login for your whitelabel dashboard.

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Thanks for understanding.