Whitelabel problems to configurate

Hi, i would love to see someone solve my problem, i already talked many times with @Simone and I don´t know why my white label doesn´t work. I apreciate some help hands Thanks

Hello @Ferreiraview ,

I’m Fatos, a part of the team, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

I can confirm that you have set up your CNAME for your domain. The issue stemmed from DNS propagation, which delayed the visibility of the CNAME record you added.

Without the CNAME record, our system was unable to verify your ownership of the domain, resulting in the denial of your application.

Now that the DNS has propagated and the CNAME record is visible, you can fill in all the white-label settings on the page below. After saving your settings, your domain should work automatically:


Hi, did you ever get this to work @Ferreiraview I’m having the exact same issue. Even with your same screen shot.

Can you help me with this @Fatos ? I setup the CNAME a few a hours ago and also emailed hi@answerly.io but received a response back and it told me to post here instead. Thank you in advance.

Hi Fatos, yeah, now definitely rocke´s Thank you so much

How long does it usually take for the cdn to see the cname… https://dnschecker.org/ sees it as globally propagated for about 1h… Thanks!