Whitelabel - Replace Facepop Logo + Name in Knowledge Hub

Right now Facepop is visible to everybody in the Knowledge Hub Training with Logo and Name. Also in the Call To Action Menu it shows the Facepop name and Logo.

Please replace with Whitelabel Name and Whitelabel Logo of Facepop!

1. Replace Logo + Name

2. Replace Logo + Name

3. Urls show facepop several times

Embed Code shows product name as Facepop:

<script id="ab72507f-e7fa-4a8a-9eb7-961621622de5" data-company-id="58dbc295-a6f2-4493-b919-4ba1cc28b6aa" data-product-name="FacePop"  data-product-iframe="create" src="https://fcdn.servicehoster.io/iframe.product.js"></script>

5. Facepop shows in Google Sheets - Also make possible to transfer Name & other text fields

6. Change alt image text to only Preview

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