Whitelable api pages and roadmap

I am creating the help pages and I noticed that the updates (the bar on the right) has its own page in answerly
that would be welcome in whitelable as well
but most importantly the API pages… the explanation about api etc… it all has answerly in the URL.

Hi Nathan, ok noted, we will remove all the references.

Hi Simone,

Can you tell us what the status of the API URL is? Is it still under https://ai.api.answerly.io?

It would be great if the url is general like the iFrame “https://fcdn.servicehoster.io

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Marvs this link links back to Answerly Community anyway.?

I mean if really one will do a due dilligence, these can be trace back anyways to Answerly.

But if I have a customer that wants to have access to the API, it just too obvious that the api url is based on the answerly domain.

My question was, if there are plans to also provide a general url or domain for the api.

Thanks in advance.