Wordpress integration error

I’m getting this error on the site:


  Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Failed to fetch

at about:srcdoc:13:2238
at Generator.next ()
at about:srcdoc:13:426
at new Promise ()
at __async (about:srcdoc:13:114)
at HTMLButtonElement. (about:srcdoc:13:1407)
at HTMLInputElement. (about:srcdoc:13:1354)
rejected @ about:srcdoc:13

Hi Nick, I just checked your dashboard and noticed that you don’t have any agents or chatbots created yet.

I have created a test agent and chatbot, published the embed widget, and now it is appearing on your website.

I will disable the chatbot widget for the moment. All you have to do to get started is to create a knowledge hub and provide the information about your website.

When you are ready, just head to: “Chatbot for Websites” → “Instant Embed” → click on the “Your Website” drop-down, select “Show on All Pages,” and click on the bottom “APPLY.”

Simone, it’s a popup that appears after three seconds.

Hi Nick could you make a short video? The only problem I’m seeing is the overlapping of the two widgets because they are in the same position.

i have made a short video of what i can see from my end.

The issue is on the popup… when you click “Submit” after typing in an email address, nothing happens.

When you do this with the Console in view, you get the error I originally posted about.

@Simone So… did you end up figuring this out? I’d sure love to be able to collect email addresses again.

Hi Nick,

Sorry, but I don’t know what could be causing that. It’s the first time I’m seeing an error like that. Could it be a conflict with some plugin? I can ask @Fatos to have a look.

I’ve offlined all plugins; this is an issue related to your plugin.

Hey @NickThacker,

To resolve this, please navigate to the Answerly dashboard and click “Save” on your popup. This should update it to the latest version, as it appears to be behind a few versions.

Additionally, consider clearing your website’s cache. This can help if your site is caching the popup code. We strive to keep our widgets consistently up-to-date, so this could be another reason why.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

That did nothing. First, there’s no “Save” button. I clicked “Apply” to apply the changes — is that what you meant?

Now, I just get a “Something went wrong, please try again.” message:


@Simone @Fatos are you here?

Again, there is no way to do what you’ve asked. I update the popup and it still does not work.

Hey @NickThacker Please send me your e-mail to hi@answerly.io and I’ll investigate the popup to see what’s happening!

I am sorry for the inconvenience.