Yeyyy! But hey?

Love the new conversational forms. I unfortunately don’t get it to work though. My agent is not asking the questions. Do i need to trigger it in any way? And speaking of, can you use a trigger to have the agent start asking the questions?

Great work, well worth the wait!

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

The form should be hooked to an agent. And then the agent to the chatbot.

Here’s more details on this: Answerly - Hook your AI Form to your Agent

I’ve done that. It still doesn’t work. I followed the instructions.

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I also tried creating a new form with another chatbot and same result, no questions asked.

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Hi Have you managed to make it works?

nope, i have not.

it started working now for one bot. dont know why. but it’s not doing all the questions, or in the right order - or providing suggestions.

EDIT: now it doesn’t work again.

look start fresh with a new agent. it takes sometimes to update. refresh the page

i restarted with 3 different agents. Only once just now had i been asked form questions, and it didn’t work again after that

I’ll make sure to check what the issue is. :v:

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So the issue is resolved, but it seems like when it gained the ability of the conversational form it lost what it learned from the knowledge base. So now it hallucinates basic information which it got right before. Is this something you noticed? I only have a google doc with very little information within it.