Facepop Video Upload not possible and is stuck!

Hey @Fatos ,
not only does the Video Testimonial Record Upload not work, but also the normal videos do not upload anymore.

Here is a quick recording showing the issue.

Maybe its just for custom domain / whitelabel accounts - Does anybody else have this problem?

They are now fixed both. @Marvin

:white_check_mark: Video Testimonial inside box works now -Thanks
:x: Upload Videos to Facepop does not work - keeps processing forever.

tested in different browser and hard refresh.

Also: Video Recordings have no option to be deleted!! Please integrate this option in the long run.

@Marvin try again but refresh the dashboard first with ctrl f5! Sorry for the inconvenience. Just did a server upgrade today and some things are settling.

Now it works! Thanks Fatos.

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