Issue with Sign Up Via Invitation Link - Urgent Attention Required

We recently purchased your tool,, and were excited to start using it. However, we have encountered a critical issue that is preventing us from successfully onboarding our team members.

When our team members click on the invitation link sent to them and try to sign up, they are shown an error indicating that the request is invalid. Despite multiple attempts, we have been unable to proceed with the sign-up process, making it impossible for us to utilize the features of effectively.

To help you understand the problem more accurately, we have attached a screenshot of the error message our team members are encountering.

We kindly request your urgent attention in resolving this issue as it is impacting our ability to collaborate efficiently within our organization. We highly value the functionality and potential of, and we are eager to fully integrate it into our workflow. However, this technical obstacle is currently hindering our progress.

We look forward to hearing back from you soon with a resolution or any further guidance.

Hi Muhammad, can you please provide the screenshot of the error?

Hey. sure. here is goes!