Longer Custom Prompt

Every custom GPT has a way longer context window for the custom prompt
As it overrides the default prompt - why not allow me to make it longer and use the system prompt available length from the model. Would make it so much simpler to get the same quality of results. Other Chatbot builders allow this. Would be great. Thank you.
Or allow me to use Agents from OpenAI.

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Hey there, can you please let me know how much longer you would need the prompt to be? Thanks

Hey, i also would like longer custom prompt. I am trying desperately to get the info i need and reword things to fit. It’s necessary to get the full functionality down and avoid certain pitfalls - but it’s really hard to squeeze in what you need.

What is the purpose of the max length? How much longer can we get without it messing anything up?

Any increase is welcome however.

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