App Sumo Tier 5 Plan Issues

Hi I purchased the App Sumo Tier 5 plan in 2023 which includes unlimited training datasets but I am now getting a message about having reached my limit on datasets.

I checked my plan under the My agency > Clients feature and it said tier 5. I tried to change plan to resolve and have now encountered a new issue where the Tier 5 plan is missing from the dropdown. My admin account is no longer able to access whitelable now & the data sets are still limited.

Help pls as I run this account for multiple clients.

Same here. @Fatos any idea what happened to my training datasets?

Hello @drkitesurf, @jm2467, and @Campique,

We’ve introduced some limit indicators for the lower tiers, but it seems that some other accounts were inadvertently affected as well.

I’ve just implemented a fix and it’s going live as I write the comment.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the quick fix, the limited data sets issue was fixed but I am still unable to revert my admin account to be tier 5 which is assume is the reason I cannot see the whitelable settings in my account dashboard anymore. [See previous screenshot]

@Fatos thanks for the reply! It seems that the limitation in the knowledge datasets is gone, but when i try to upload a new set of data it would say that “The sync failed completely” and i need to contact support. This happens with PDF and .docx, CSV’s upload but when you hit “Create” it goes in an endless loop and nothing happens.