Need Immediate help with Forms Behaviour

Earlier Bot was configured to collect data while starting to answer the chat.
But with new forms its not happening. It answers the chat and never collects info.
How to make it mandatory to collect user info before starting chat?

@Fatos @Simone @Nevrie

Hi Micheal, I my self figured out that I have to ‘trigger’ the bot for collecting the info because it wasn’t starting automatically. I made something in the greeting text like; ‘type begin to start the test’. Maybe that works for you?

Oh thanks @Campique but it used to work well earlier how to get the same intuitive feel than a trigger.
Also is there a specific words I can assign for triggers?

Hi Micheal, unfortunately I don’t know. In my case I use the following settings;

LLM - GPT3.5-16k
Language Mode - speak one language
Custom prompt - You are a Professional assistent, your only task is to submit the provided questions precisely.

Greeting Editor - something like; 1st message: Welcome to the form. 2nd message: Type ‘begin’ to start the form.

GDPR agreement - turned off

This works for me at the moment, maybe it can help you!

Thanks Campique.
Can you share the link to your bot to see how it works.
Also @Fatos @Nevrie @Simone support is going back to the stage earlier.
Please come back.