NO SSL certificate / for the CNAME

Hi there Answerly team,

My domain has it’s CNAME set to

When the user is trying to sign-up it give a warning YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT SECURE. This is because there is no SSL certificate for this sub-domain.

Could you please arrange that, because right now anyone gets scared of because of this message.
Thank you so much for your help.

Kind Regards,

Hi, BeeBeeDee

i just checked your domain, but looks like is not correctly setup or pointing to

have you made some changes? recently?

Sorry Simone, that was an example doman name. I send you a private message with the correct domain name. Thank you.

I have the same problem, no ssl. My domain:

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Hi, the ssl should be working now.

HI Simone, it is still not working. I cleared browser cache and cookies. But it still shows the site is not secure. Could you please check again with your server.

Please check right now

Thank you Simone! It works. Well done. Great service.

Same issue here

Hi Simone,
I have the same issue here.
I sent you a DM earlier this week with my sub-domain info.
Thank you for your help.

Hi still having the SSL issue. Need help.

Hi, Matt, i have sent a new request about enabling the ssl on your domain to our developers team.

Hi It seems the issue is fixed now. Thanks