Still the chatbubble distrurbs object far away from it

As the title says, see image below:

The save (Spara Klient) button can’t be clicked.

How to fix this?

Hi there!

There’s a simple fix that should help you out. It’s all about adjusting something called the “z-index” of your chatbot.

To do this, head over to your chatbot settings by visiting Once you’re there, look for the z-index setting and reduce the number by half until you see a desired effect.

It might involve a bit of trial and error, as technically all elements have their own zindex, so what we’re trying to achieve here is keeping a high enough zindex, but lower than your “Spara Klient” element.

Alternatively just put the website here and I can find an accurate zindex for you as it’s easy if you’re friendly with the browser devtools.

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Hey Fatos, thanks. Right now that number is “10000100” - does that mean i should change it to “500050”?

I’ll send you a Pm

I reduced it to the end and there doesn’t seem to do anything. @Fatos

I tried halving it from 10000100 all the way to 125001 and it didn’t move it a millimeter.