Whitelabel account sends invite for the wrong chatbot!

Whitelabel account sends invite for the wrong chatbot!

Okay, this is what I do.

  1. I login, into my white label account.
  2. goto my account and click on collaborate
  3. Choose the workspace - in this case I only have 3 (Admin workspace, Norika workspace, Annika workspace
  4. I choose Norika worksspace and send the invite…
  5. Success - invitation is send
  6. We open the email link, sign up, and Voila!
  7. We are signed in into the Annika workspace!!!

We have tried this many, many times now, deleting invites, etc. but we keep ending up on the wrong chatbot workspace. Please help!

Hey BeeBeeDee,

Thank you for your query! This looks like something we have to investigate further – please send out an e-mail at hi@answerly.io with your answerly email address.

Any update on this. I did send you email on the 28th of May.

Hi, this must be part of a bug of the new whitelabel update release we are working to fix them.